The change of seasons is accompanied by viruses, which we often call seasonal. But, although some people are affected during the change of seasons, in fact the cold you can get during this period is not so seasonal.

The idea that you are cold due to weather changes is completely untrue. However, the myth has something ingrained in what people usually believe. And it all has to do with how we handle cold weather. Cold weather often causes people to move into smaller spaces, where the air is more compressed and recycled faster than the air outside. Thus, in these cases, we absorb air faster from each other.

However, changes in weather conditions, from dry to wet, can affect our immune system, because the colder and wetter it is outside, the more prone we are to getting viruses. So basically, cold weather is not an issue in itself. It is our immune system accustomed to these changes.

In conclusion, unfortunately there are different types of cold viruses. This makes cases and treatments of cold, common or specific, much more difficult. However, at the very end, specialists agree on one point: weather changes are not the cause of the cold in this season.