Doctors and nutrition experts are increasingly promoting the consumption of celery at every meal of the day. It is a fresh vegetable with high nutritional value, but that is often widely overlooked. It is usually accompanied by spinach or other green vegetables, but now is the time to put celery in the spotlight when it comes to products that should be consumed every day.

Helps you lose weight

Rich in high nutritional value, celery helps to have a clean body. It is rich in fiber, but thanks to the thick stalk it adds only 10 calories. This makes celery a perfect product to accompany breakfast, simple salads or even to add to soups to give it more flavor. Throw in all your favorite recipes and it will help you to feel full throughout the day.

Relieves stress

Celery is also recommended for reducing stress levels during the day. It contains minerals like magnesium, which helps calm the nervous system. Have you had a tiring day and feel tired even before you go to sleep?

Try eating celery a little before you put your head on the pillow and you will fall asleep right away.