Every day you may hear different thoughts about what you should or should not use while taking a shower. In this case, it is said that you should not use hair shampoo to wash your face or that you should wash your hair with warm and not hot water. But even this dilemma between soap and shampoo is one of these thoughts and probably each of us chooses the most comfortable for ourselves. Practically, there are those who think that you should not use soap to wash your body.

Anyone, rightly, would ask why?  

According to the Huffington Post, “ soap has properties that, along with impurities, also remove body fat, when it comes in contact with water. The skin of the arms and legs does not have a lot of oil in general, so cleaning them with soap makes their skin quite dry and rough. Less sensitive are other parts of the skin, which have more fat, but still this choice also depends on the skin type.

Thus, a piece of advice from a dermatologist (Cynthia Bailey) in Northern California is: “ Minimize skin soap or use it only on oily skin: face, décolleté, armpits, buttocks, but not on other parts of the body. "If you have dry skin, it is best to avoid using soap," says Dr. Bailey.

Test this theory once in fatty areas and test the result.