The color and shape of the eyes are important indicators of human health and the diseases that threaten them. People with blue or green eyes are more prone to be affected by some health problems. Individuals with brown eyes may be more affected by the pain and depression that comes with it. In this article you will learn more about the signals that eye color indicates for health.

Blood sugar

A 2011 study, cited by, found that people with pale skin and blue eyes were more likely to develop type 1 diabetes.

Hearing problems

Some studies have concluded that blue-eyed people living in noisy environments are more likely to suffer from hearing problems. People with brown eyes have melanin in their eyes and ears, which serves as a shield for hearing and sight.


Individuals with blue eyes are more likely to suffer from various addictions. These people tend to drink more alcohol and are more at risk of addiction.

Loss of skin pigment

People with blue eyes are more protected from vitilgo, a non-communicable disease which causes the loss of skin pigment and creates white patches on the skin.

The curtain of the eye

This problem mostly affects people with brown eyes. An Australian study, referred to by, concluded that brown doubles the risk of eyelids.

Baby eye

Experts, referred to by, say that the size of the baby eye is an indicator of human intelligence. People who have a large eyeball are believed to have a keen mind.

Sports skills

People with brown eyes tend to shine in sports activities like boxing or football. Individuals with blue eyes have better performance in tennis, bowling or golf.

Eye tumor

Blue, green or gray eyes are more prone to be affected by eye tumor. Brown eyes are significantly less at risk of this rare disease.


In theory, dark-eyed women suffer more during childbirth. Moreover, they tend to be more affected by depression as a result of pain.