Who knows how many times you have asked yourself, "Do I like him? How do I look during sex? "

Sex is not something complicated, nor does it need studies, discussion topics, degrees, but there is certainly a great truth: There are people who are good in bed and there are others who are less. Being good under the sheets depends on many factors ranging from experience, initiative, mentality, desire to have fun and courage, of course.

Here are five signs that show if you really make a name for yourself in bed or not! Impressing your partner is not only a physical issue, but also a mental one. Once you are familiar with these five signals, then you will surely make the difference yourself whether you are good at sex or not!

1. First of all, to have sex you have to be liberated. Sex is an act of extreme freedom and an endless pleasure. Only in this way will you transmit positive feelings to your partner and create an ideal understanding and participation in the intimate act. So ask yourself, when you make love, are you calm? If the answer is yes, then 'go on'.

2. The fact that you constantly ask yourself, whether you are good at sex or not, is a symptom that shows that you are interested in pleasing your partner and not just yourself. And there is nothing more basic than this: only a good woman in bed intends for her partner to enjoy maximum pleasure!

3. It seems trivial, but if your partner always has a desire for sex, it shows a great effort on his part. And at the end, you see him lying next to you, with his eyes directed at you and a smile that seems to invite you under the sheets. This is a positive signal! So he likes to go to bed with you.

4. Usually those who are good at sex are because they interpret the work as if they were real artists. Under the sheets you have to be creative and have initiative. 

5. Having good sex also means being protected. This initiative is good, but the basis of any relationship, whether casual or not, is protection. Contraceptives or condoms are just two of the most common ways to have safe sex.