Today, on May 26, 2021, a phenomenon is expected to occur, which will be more visible from certain parts of the world including Australia, some of the western USA, western South America and Southeast Asia.

The full moon of May is also known as the "Blood Moon" because it will create a total lunar eclipse and will look reddish from certain places.

Renowned Turkish astrologer Dincer Guner has given some warnings about the 'Blood Moon'.

According to this astrologer, you should stay away from exaggerated behaviors, and you should not make promises that you can not fulfill.

"Stay away from fanatical and exaggerated behaviors, do not make promises that you can not fulfill. "My advice is that you do not debate with anyone about religion, belief and sports during this period and be as tolerant as possible towards the other person." - writes the astrologer in the post.

Another recommendation is to make your own material matters accounts and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

He also says that due to the lunar eclipse, Israeli-Palestinian tension may increase. Financial scandals are also possible in the world.