If you are in a healthy relationship, this is great and it would be just as great if this relationship were very passionate. But passion can sometimes be lacking in the bedroom, right? Let's take things in turn ...

Dr. Justin Lehmiller organized a study with 40,000 people and managed to find out what are the 5 big differences between couples who always have a hot and passionate sex life and those whose flame of passion was extinguished long ago.

Dr. Lehmiller explains that couples tend to get bored of the sexual routine, but it is the changes that reawaken our interest in sex. The key to all of this lies in a substance known as dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that connects directly to the pleasure center in the brain. It is the substance that makes us feel good. She is excited by the changes or innovations that occur, so try to be creative when it comes to passion in the couple.

Those who continue to keep their passion alive in bed are likely to do these five very important things:

1. Spend more preparatory time to awaken desire

2. They practice sexual communication, that is, they talk to each other about sex

3. Practice oral sex

4. They are generally happier with their relationship

5. They often practice changes and new things in the sexual act