From the use of emojis to the types of questions they ask, there are many ways to tell the difference between how people write when you like versus how they write when they just chat as a friend. This helps with deciphering messages and the way you write.

Sending messages is not really the best way to communicate - especially when it comes to sharing feelings with someone.

In virtual conversations, it is so easy to miss a joke, misunderstand someone’s intentions, or even miss the fact that they are flirting completely. But if you know what to look for, the signs will be there. "When you like someone, their writing habits will definitely change," says Dr. Holly Schiff, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist, for Bustle.

Here are some ways to find out if you like someone through messages, according to experts.

Responds quickly

It's a great sign if your potential partner is trying to write as quickly as possible. In fact, Schiff says one of the surest signs in messages that someone likes you is the quick response. It is a way that can show that you have an advantage in his or her life. Also another sign is when they enjoy and want to continue the conversation with you.

The texts are attractive

They do not answer with just one word like: 'yes' or 'I do not know'. Instead, they will tell you how they feel, tell you everything about their day, and - most importantly - ask questions about your life. Basically, “text conversations will be deeper and more meaningful ,” Bennett says, and there seems to be a connection on the horizon.

Always notifies you when he / she is busy

If you like someone, they will make it clear when they will be unavailable - perhaps because they are working, going to bed or when they are with friends - instead of just leaving you waiting for their response.

Starts using the pronoun 'we'

As relationship expert Gary W. Lewandowski puts it, "This pronoun has a greater meaning of a couple or shared identity (or what scholars call cognitive interdependence)."

Use 'nickname'

If you use cute or funny nicknames for each other it means there is emotion.

Using emoj with heart

It may take some courage to send someone a heartfelt emoji, so if you get one, it means there is something behind it.

The first text in the morning and the last in the evening

"Keep track of when someone sends you messages,"  certified trainer Randi Levin told Bustle. " If someone is starting or ending their day with you or constantly appearing all day to say just a greeting, " he says, " you are more meaningful to them than you can understand."

It requires more than just messages

In addition to the desire to talk constantly, you may be asked to talk on Facetime or even real meetings.

This shows a higher interest, as it is dedicating time and energy to you.

If you notice any of these habits, it means you may be heading towards a romance. But do not rush! Try to take more time before defining it as a relationship. Until then, enjoy the moment!