When we work hard to complete a project, most of us try to listen to music in order to focus on the task at hand and increase productivity. But why do we have this impulse and is it worth it?

Music helps improve brain health and functioning in a variety of ways and we often enjoy the benefits without knowing that music is the reason.

"Music improves intelligence, mood, productivity and reduces stress in everyone, regardless of age. It is great for the brain because it activates almost every part of it. Listening to music consistently consists of a healthy brain. - says Dr. Catherine Jackson, a licensed clinical psychologist, neurotherapist and outsourced trainer.

Music has been part of the intimate structure of human connection, good health and communication, for thousands of years.

"Athletes are required to integrate mind and body, and music can be a major influence on that goal."

When we listen to music, we feel happier. As a result, it makes us happier and less stressed.

"People who are happier and less stressed are more productive because they get the job done faster, more accurately, and come up with more ideas, which are better and more creative." - says Dr. Jackson.

Music without lyrics often brings more benefits. Studies have shown that listening to music without lyrics can improve attention and performance.

"In practice, this kind of music has a kind of effect called 'white noise', through which listeners experience an improvement in their emotional state." - says Samantha Morrison, a health expert for "Glacie Wellness", a company dedicated to natural and sustainable health products.

However, studies have also found that the listener's subjective preference for music may actually have more of an impact than the type of music itself. However, according to Morrison, “listening to music helps us recognize the natural pattern of the brain, as well as the centers of temporary prediction. Thus the brain releases dopamine. "As a result, listening to music creates positive feedback, reduces stress, improves concentration and increases overall productivity."


By learning to listen and focus, we can channel our productivity and maximize performance. All this just by listening to the tunes we like.