Invited to the show "Rudina" on TV Klan, singer Ardian Bujupi could not escape the question of whether he is in a love affair.

He has expressed that it is somewhat complicated and so far has not had anything serious with any girl. If he is going to be seriously connected, he has no problem appearing in front of the public and publishing it in the media. He has also shown how he loves his ideal wife. In a conversation with Rudina Magjistari, Bujupi also said how he dreamed of the girl of his dreams.

"How is your heart, is Ardian Bujupi in love or not? Have you sung a song to anyone?"

It’s a tricky topic, whether I sing a song or write a text normally that I deal with personality. For example, if I am talking about Zhuljeta, I am not talking about Zhuljeta, but another name. My relationships, or love, do not yet have something concrete to tell the media, so I do not announce them.

I'm not the type to give names to say I've been with this influencer or model. I do not find it reasonable to announce once, once again, if I have one seriously, I can use it and go out in the media and come here.

The fact that you have started to do age calculations, you have started to realize that little by little you will start thinking about this part.

I have been thinking about this part for 5 years, but the right person has not come out yet.

But how is the ideal girl for you?                 

Must be respected and capable. I am happy to reach out with my wife and more, for her to advise me, to do some work for me. If I have a business, it takes one part of the business, I another. I believe that people have reached very high, they have found a woman who supports them, I do not want a woman to stay at home and just do the housework.