Some of us are 'night owl' and some of us are 'morning bird'. Despite the changes in our sleeping habits, couples try to adjust but sometimes do not realize how important this routine is.

Some researchers analyzed several couples sleeping at the same time. They found a better result than they expected. 

Conversations and hugs will become part of the routine 

Every couple wants hugs and a few small conversations with their partner. But how many of us actually find time for this? This is why sleeping together at the same time will allow you and your partner to have a daily hug and even some extra time to talk about your day.

Not only that, science says that embracing causes the body to release the neurotransmitter oxytocin. This helps bring your partner closer and you feel more comfortable with him.

It can help you solve problems and debates 

Sometimes the smallest things can turn into conflict and if we last too long, they create a bad mood every day. But when you talk to your partner at the same time, you will have a chance to talk about debates and problems and understand them. 

It can help you synchronize with your partner

Sleeping at the same time with your partner will help you fit in together, become synchronized and be more at ease with each other. You can also avoid unnecessary irritation when one of you wakes up the other due to a change in sleep schedule, which can lead to waking up in a bad mood.

This can improve your physical health

Sleeping together is not just about relationships, but also about your body performance. It can lower blood pressure, help strengthen your immune system, and help reduce inflammation.

It can also improve mental health

Your physical health is not the only thing that will improve - but mental and emotional health will also get a boost. It can reduce anxiety and help you feel more relaxed.