European Union countries agreed on Friday to ease restrictions on summer travel, which will allow fully vaccinated tourists not to undergo coronavirus or quarantine tests in the EU region.

Ambassadors from the 27 member states of the European bloc have approved a modified proposal of the European Commission, which states that people who are fully vaccinated can travel freely to EU countries, 14 days after being immunized against COVID-19.

Meanwhile, restrictions for other travelers should be based on the epidemiological situation of the country from which they come.

To date, over a quarter of adults in the EU are fully vaccinated.

These new EU guidelines come at a time when the European bloc has also introduced certificates for COVID-19, which will prove whether a person has been vaccinated or has immunity to the disease or has tested negative for COVID-19.

The certificates will be ready on July 1, although some states will issue them a little later.

EU countries can also decide for themselves whether to allow travelers coming from areas that have a high number of coronavirus cases or have cases with newer COVID-19 variants, which are more contagious.

Also, tourists from outside the EU can enter the block, as long as they prove that they are vaccinated.