Swimming can be your ticket to having a healthy body and soul, regardless of age. Not only can it give you a full workout, but it also helps those who are facing depression release endorphins to feel better. But this is not the only thing this activity can bring.

1. The lungs will function better.

Regular swimming can be a good way to strengthen the lungs. In fact, research shows that swimming has an advantage over yoga when it comes to improving lung function. This is because swimming is able to increase muscle elasticity in the lungs and chest.

2. The joints will be stronger.

Because swimming supports almost 90% of your weight, it is the perfect type of exercise for those with arthritis pain caused by arthritis, for example. This means that regular swimming can help you reduce your risk of getting arthritis by giving your muscles regular exercise.

3. It will strengthen the back.

If you are someone who suffers from chronic back pain such as sciatica, then swimming can rebuild the back muscles and will serve as pain relief as the weight is removed from the body in the water.

4. You will burn calories.

Swimming 3 days a week can be a fantastic way to burn calories while also strengthening muscles. You can burn 500 calories in a 30-minute swim, which is actually double what you would burn if you were walking, making it a perfect low-impact exercise for your daily routine.

5. The aging process will slow down.

According to one study, swimming 3 to 5 times a week delays the aging process, not by years but by decades. The study says this is due to the muscle strength of people who swim regularly, which is a major part of the aging process and declining physical health.

6. Sleep will be better.

Even swimming works wonders for your mind and sleep. This is because swimming is one of the main exercises that helps insomnia. This seems like good news if you are trying to get enough sleep.