The teachers of the school "Qemal Stafa" have identified some exercises that penalize graduates to get the maximum grade, 10, due to the high level of difficulty and incorrect translation of questions. For this reason, they have sent an official letter to the Ministry of Education to ask the latter to take into account the socio-psychological conditions of these two years during which these students attended school.

TCh has published the recommendations that the teachers of the gymnasium "Qemal Stafa" have sent to the Ministry of Education, asking them to take into account these issues since the teaching is conducted mainly online and with reduced hours.

" We found that the math test is above average, tending towards a high level of difficulty in the structure in designing the test. The test also contains high level and very high level exercises developed in a single lesson against all learning concepts addressed in the relevant topics and during online learning as well as a high and very high level of difficulty contrary to what was predicted. The test had exercises which had well-formulated requirements or incorrectly translated " , it is said in the recommendation made.

" Bearing in mind the area" welfare pupils "in an unusual situation where students two years have not been psychologically calm, with reduced since have been teaching in the red zone within Covida situation - 19, and respecting that students have different levels and styles of learning and different levels of understanding as we do a lot of work with them when we have them physically in school to support their learning and progress, an issue which is difficult to achieve online and uncontrollable on our part as it depends on the time it takes each student to learn, mathematics is an exact science and basic and intermediate level students need constant support, please consider the above ”, it is further stated in the notice of the Department of Mathematics.