Recently, the famous singer Aleksandër Gjoka was arrested by the police after he was involved in an accident and was transported to the Trauma Hospital due to the injuries received in the accident. Gjoka turned out to be driving drunk and based on this, the court decided to place him under house arrest.

This Saturday evening on the show "Soiree" with Jonida Shehu on ABC, the singer was invited via a skype connection to greet his nephew Renis Gjoka and to congratulate him for the concert he will bring on June 18 on the ABC screen.

Asked by the moderator Jonida Shehu how he is going through the house arrest, he said that he is really enjoying it.

Full conversation:

Jonida Shehu: Who is more rebellious, you or Renis? Did Renis at all relate to your rebellious nature of breaking the rules?

Aleksandër Gjoka: Renisi is a singer-songwriter of democracy. Renisi is much more restrained, calmer.

Jonida Shehu:  What advice do you usually give to Renis?

Aleksandër Gjoka:  I do not give advice first, but not in character, in music I can give it. I do not want to be like me.

Jonida Shehu:  What will not happen to you?

Aleksandër Gjoka:  In character, in private life, in everyday life. In music then let him be rebellious no problem.

Jonida Shehu:  During these days that you are suffering from house arrest, you are in a way limited. Do you feel like rock in dictatorship? And how does Sander Gjoka feel that he does not have the opportunity not to move freely and not to have absolute freedom as he is always used to have?

Aleksandër Gjoka:  Laugh. No, I have space here. This arrest of mine in democracy does not compare to the time of dictatorship. No, no it's like night with day. I am enjoying the arrest here very nicely under the scorching sunlight. I am fine. Maybe I miss the scene.