The Minister of Education, Evis Kushi has reacted through a video message regarding the concern of the graduates for the math test.

MASR immediately after the math exam has set up independent working groups, with experts in the field of mathematics, experienced teachers and graduates, who have analyzed in detail and carefully evaluated each question in the test, compliance with the program, scientific accuracy and level of difficulty.

Minister Kushi at the end of this analysis states that:

"Given the concerns of graduates, teachers, parents, and no doubt considering the situation of an abnormal and difficult year of the pandemic, where despite the fact that graduates across the country have been every day in school, except for 10 municipalities at risk high where for 6 weeks the lesson took place online, we decided to meet the request of graduates to reduce the minimum limit of points for each grade.

The Minister also underlines that after the completion of the State Matura 2021 process, MASR will make an in-depth analysis, in order to identify all possible problems and complete review of the entire Matura process, regulatory acts for this process and the administration of his.