Recent studies have found that the ideal duration of a sexual intercourse is neither more nor less than 13 minutes. Above all, however, the quality of satisfaction during this relationship is important.

There is no room for prescriptions in intimate relationships, not even in terms of the duration of a relationship. Of course, everyone knows that in bed there can not and should not be strict rules, because everyone enjoys in different ways and at different times. However, in many studies that have been conducted in the field of sexology, the question "How long should a satisfying sexual intercourse last" has been inevitable. And researchers have wanted to understand that to have a satisfying intimate relationship, you do not need a record of duration. So what is important is the quality of a report.

The ideal sexual intercourse should last from 7 to 13 minutes to be satisfying. Without getting tired and overworked, but if you exceed this "deadline", you can lose attention and become distracted.

Real sex, according to researchers, is exactly this duration, from 7 to 13 minutes. With so little fun can be achieved, although it would be nice to have the time even longer. Meanwhile, time is enough to start thinking about finding other ways to be better.