No matter how careful you are when applying various insect repellent products, occasional mosquito bites are often unavoidable. Some of us are more prone to stinging than others, so if I know you have “delicious blood,” no doubt the sting will be followed by intense itching. The various products advertised claim to help reduce itching, but very few really work.

Fortunately, a beauty product has recently been discovered that costs you nothing and really reduces the desire to itch.

The itching sensation comes immediately from the bite that reacts with the air, so to stop it, you need to block the flow of air to the bite site. You can do this in two ways: with an adhesive tape, even (temporarily) a little oiled or pak with a little colorless manicure.

It may seem strange, but everyone who has tried it many times knows that it really works. In the part where the mosquito has bitten, block the air with a little colorless manicure and hold it for a few minutes. Dyed skin may seem a little annoying, but the relief from itching is immediate.

From a distance, no one will notice that the bites are shiny. So the next time you go on vacation, keep a transparent manicure bottle in your bag.