There is a group on social networks known as "haters", do you know them or not? Everyone suffers from those who intend to bring out all the accumulated anger from life and discharge it into the first character they see or the first thing that appears to them. A good part of the VIPs in the world suffer from them. Some choose to block such profiles, some are indifferent, while others choose to face virtually… But they never succeed. Because "haters" continue to be there, often even turning the profile into a real battlefield, with no intention of where and what they want to achieve.

Anyway, comments, judgments, prejudices are inevitable, no matter how pure, loving or liked a character is.

Lori Hoxha, although one of the most influential girls on social media, has her own "group" of "haters", just like any other famous character. As much as she gets endless compliments for the photos she posts, her lifestyle or even the advice she occasionally shares with her virtual friends, she also has the inevitable "attack" of the network. There is always something "wrong" with Lori….

Undoubtedly, Lori is aware that among the people who follow her there is a mass that thinks differently. But not infrequently in this group there are also many misunderstandings, unfair judgments or prejudices.

Asked about the biggest prejudice that people have about her before they get to know her closely, Lori confesses in a recent interview for "Prive":

" There are many misunderstandings from what I have heard, but what I would not like is the fact that they think I am very superficial. I mean I am superficial in the idea that I like perfectionism, I like beautiful things, but I do not base my life there, it is not essential in my life… "