We all know that fruits and vegetables need to be consumed every day to be healthy. But it is also known that not all fruits and vegetables are created to be equal in their effect against acne, wrinkles and skin aging.

Of course, it is very good to consume fruits and vegetables as much as possible to gain health values, but there is only one vegetable that you should definitely include in your daily life, if you want a clean and always young skin.

A medical beautician from "Skinfluencer", Cassandra Bankson, discovered what is the secret of a healthy and shiny skin.

" When it comes to good food and healthy skin, it is good to reduce dairy and sugars, because, as we know, they cause acne. At the same time, there are some foods that are more or less likely to cause acne on more sensitive skin. "

But in general, some general rules to follow are that foods that are rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C can help an ever younger skin.

" Vitamin C is essential for your body to produce collagen, which not only strengthens the skin, but can also help repair it. Antioxidants are great for fighting free radical damage and fiber helps slow down digestion, allowing nutrients to be absorbed by the body, healthy bacteria to thrive in the gut and balance IGF-1 levels to improve function. "hormones, which can be translated into cleaner skin , " adds Bankson.

And when it comes to foods rich in vitamin C, the first thought that may come to everyone is "citrus!" But many people, according to Bankson, do not know that a vegetable rich in vitamin C more than citrus is spice.

" Spats are rich in almost three times more vitamin C than an orange, not to mention the endless amount of fiber and antioxidants."

Bankson explains that if you are looking to add to your diet a food for the good of the skin, but also for the health of other organs “peppers are the main recommendation. Add it to omelets or salads, enjoy it in soups, stuffed, or even baked in the oven for dinner. ”

She recommends "adding peppers to your diet, at least once a day, to meet the nutritional needs of vitamin C, as well as increase the fiber and antioxidants that are often lacking in standard diets."