The needs for vitamins and minerals depend precisely on the different stages of life. Coping with various diseases that the body can develop is certainly very difficult and arduous. What is important is the care that everyone should pay to their well-being and health.

According to experts, beyond the correct cure, disease prevention through healthy living is the key element for a long life. Although it may seem like their impact on the body is not immediate, vitamins are essential for health.

But according to the data, the aging of the population and the increase of interest for the prevention of health risks, have stimulated the sales of vitamins in Albania as well.

As a trend all over the world, more and more people are realizing the value of being healthy, so vitamins have become the most essential point.

Increasing immunity is one of the main goals of people taking multivitamins and supplements, says Dr. Denisa Nika, Deputy Director of QSUT for Monitor.

Globally, the market is valued at $ 82 billion, with approximately 28% of it in the US.

What happens when you overdo it with vitamins?

If you take more vitamin C or zinc than you need, your body will react causing stomach pain, diarrhea and nausea.

Excess selenium causes hair loss, fatigue and nerve damage.

Also, toxic levels of vitamins A and D cause problems with sleep, concentration, but also with numbness of the limbs.

If you overdo it with minerals like iron, calcium or potassium, you will increase your risk of kidney problems.

Why are vitamins and minerals being consumed so much?

One of the main reasons is precisely the awareness of the population. Awareness, of course, is something positive, as it properly informs the population about the importance of vitamins.

But apparently, awareness has caused an overuse of vitamins.

Another factor is the aging of the population

As the human body needs more nutritional value than usual with age, vitamins are the first to be purchased.