The summer heat is unbearable for everyone. Temperatures up to 40 degrees are difficult to cope with, but especially at night, when the heat becomes disturbing even for sleep. On hot days, the nights are also hot and there is nothing more annoying than sweating. In these cases there is only one solution: leave the cooler to work. Very soon fresh air comes to the face and ... lo and behold.

But be careful! Using the freshener at night can really refresh you, but there is a problem with it as well.

There are two negative aspects to using an air freshener at night while you are asleep:

First, the cooler dries the air. Ok, you may think that in all this heat, you do not think about what is happening, but after a few hours you will feel the air drying. Moisture is gone when your mouth starts to dry out and you feel dryness in your chest as well. It is a concern enough to have a bad night with restless sleep. Not to mention here how many times you have to wake up at night to drink water from thirst and after that, it is very simple to cool down. No one will get a cold and get sick from a refresher ...

Second, the cooler is not used often during the day and thus has accumulated dust. If you put it to work only at night, it is very likely that it will discharge all the collected dust on the face. This can cause sinus blockage, leading to further infection, cold, etc.

So, either clean it regularly before putting it to work at night, or suffer the consequences! When the body is not in optimal condition, the immune system cannot keep out bacteria and viruses. So if you are in a cold environment, the immune system is not reliable to fight bacteria.