In recent years, the global divorce rate has skyrocketed. For example, the average woman from the Maldives, the country with the highest divorce rate, goes through 3 divorces before she turns 30 years old. The statistics are really heartbreaking and the culprit has been discovered by a study at Harvard.

Researchers studied the data dating back 45 years and here is what they found:

Research by a Harvard professor yielded data from over 6,300 couples, dating back to the 1970s. After observing the data, it was found that although couples argue and divorce for many reasons, their probability of divorcing increases by 30% when the husband is unemployed.

Men who work part-time or do not work at all are more likely to divorce. Going further, the study adds that even when men do small jobs or stay unemployed against their will, this situation still leads to tensions in their relationships.

Meanwhile, if a woman does not work, this does not lead the couple to divorce.

Most women nowadays are very busy balancing work and home perfectly, but according to research, a woman's work status has no effect on divorce.

The data collected by the couples did not show a positive or negative impact of a woman's financial situation on the divorce.