Consuming half a cup of nuts a day can lower cholesterol levels and give you benefits to your overall health. But, nuts are a real superfood when it comes to the beauty of your skin. They are rich in vitamins and essential nutrients, which makes them a must for natural and youthful glowing skin.

1. Can prevent premature aging.

Walnuts are higher in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your skin from environmental damage, such as sun exposure. Consuming a few nuts a day can protect the skin against aging and make it look fresher. Walnuts are also rich in B vitamins, which can reduce skin pigmentation and help your body produce new healthy skin cells.

2. For a more hydrated skin.

Walnuts provide more healthy omega-3 fats than any other dried fruit. Getting enough omega-3 is essential for skin health because it helps balance oil production, remove toxins and hydrate the skin to stay wrinkle-free.

3. Can prevent acne.

Healthy fats in walnuts help alleviate irritation and can even treat certain skin diseases, such as dermatitis.

4. Can reduce dark areas and 'bags' of the eyes.
When you wake up with dark circles or puffy eyes, you place a few ice cubes. But eating a handful of nuts can have a similar effect. Walnuts contain vitamin E, which has been proven to reduce dark areas under the eyes.

5. Gives skin radiance.
What you eat directly affects your skin and no cream or foundation will make it look beautiful if the foods you consume are not healthy. Walnuts are extremely important for digestion and overall health. On the other hand, they improve the skin inside and out, giving it more radiance.