The fact that the weekend is a holiday season does not mean that you should skip skin care. On weekends, we all have a great deal of laziness, which sometimes does not allow us to do even the basics. However, if you know that girls with beautiful skin never forget to do these things, then something should make you aware. What do they do?

Apply sunscreen

Applying sunscreen while making plans to go out is very important for the skin. If you spend all day outdoors or even take a walk in the park, be sure to apply the cream with SPF 30. The rays can cause burns or even spots during this period that can later turn into a serious risk to the skin.

Drink with control

When Friday starts to approach, the first thing that comes to mind is to go out for a drink outside. But heavy drinks, in fact, are the cause of wrinkles. Make sure you drink as much water as possible in order to have hydrated skin. Likewise, remember that the secret is to drink in moderation.

Remove makeup

The cases when you go out at night and come back with make up or even sleep with her, do you remember them or not? All the dirt that comes from make up is advised to be eliminated on weekends. The pores need to get air. It does not matter how tired you feel. Stay clean-faced, at least on weekends.