There are many reasons why people say that in university you will spend the best years of your life. You meet new people with whom you will spend a long period of your life. Real friendships are made at the university that resist even time. Below you can read why in university you can find the best friends in the world:

You were friends when you needed them most

Most of us know how difficult and intense university can be. Studies, exams, student loans and many other things can increase stress. In the midst of all this load, friends are the ones who help us and stay close to us in such moments.

They were your family when you felt alone

When you were in college, you were probably away from home, parents, sisters or brothers. Therefore, you found family near your roommates.

They have seen you in your worst condition

Whether it is a panic attack, exams, stress or emotional collision, your college friends have been there for you and helped you get through everything. And, despite seeing all this, they still liked you and wanted to be your friend.

They have seen you in your best condition

If there are bad moments, then there are definitely good ones too! And your college friends have probably been around for everything. Just like when you passed an important exam or got some good news, most of the time, your university friends are the first ones with whom you shared the good news.