The epidemiologist, Ilir Alimehmeti, said that the Covid vaccine and the flu vaccine can be given in one day. Invited to the news studio at Klan News, the doctor said that the vaccination is done for different viruses and referring to the studies, added that there were no negative effects.

"Theoretically there should be no (side effects), as we are stimulating immunity to two different viruses. "From this point of view, we do not have anything biologically to say that this can not happen," he said.

Further, the doctor said that those who plan to get both vaccines, should start with that of Covid, as it is a virus more serious than the flu.

"It has not been seen in any study that we can push vaccines from each other. There is no drop in immunity either and there is no protocol time. The only thing is that we have to take into account that Covid is the main, it is the most serious disease. "And if anyone is hesitant, they should get the Covid vaccine first," said the doctor.

According to Alimehmet, the focus should be on the elderly, those with other illnesses and children, as the latter are highly affected by the flu.

"Older people, patients with many diseases, we also have small children for the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is also highly recommended for children. "But we need to focus on the elderly and those who have other illnesses."