Whenever you want to buy a new skin cream and check the list of its ingredients, in most cases alcohol is the one you should avoid at all costs. Not only because it affects the drying of the skin on the surface, but it destroys even more than that, removes fat, which is quite necessary for the skin. Also, alcohol, by drying the skin, destroys all the proteins and healthy substances that the skin needs.  

Alcohol is destructive to the skin, but even more so if you use it in the evening.

"Alcohol is a general term, which usually refers to ethanol," says Dr. Jessica Weiser from the New York Dermatologists Group. " It's a very short chain of molecules that can dry out and harden the skin. "Alcohol also eliminates the natural fat that serves to protect and maintain radiance."

This is not a good thing at all, not even for oily skin, because by eliminating natural fat, the skin will dry out very quickly and start to create wrinkles. This is not what you really want, right.

However, there is a solution for these cases as well, dermatologists advise. Whenever you need a skin ingredient, it is advisable to look at all the products with fatty alcohol content and variants on the label, which are harmless and do not allow the skin to dry out. "Usually, these types of alcohols keep facial fat in a neutral state, but are helpful in keeping the face hydrated." - says Dr. Weiser (dermatology), so there is nothing to be alarmed about.  

Tip: Be careful whenever you use such products, to protect the eye area, because any kind of alcohol is harmful to the eyes and can cause you various infections.