Since we have entered the last month of the year and the atmosphere has started to be felt everywhere, follow some tips on end-of-year holiday decor. With a few simple moves, you can make the festive decor of the end of the year really magical. All the time of preparing decorations at home is an irreplaceable, fun and magical time. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start decorating Christmas decorations.

Study the space

Who wouldn’t want a big Christmas spruce at home, but is the space needed to have it? If you live in a small house or apartment, to place the tree you need to remove some furniture around or move the tree to another room if it is not possible to find a space in the living room. Keep in mind that wherever you place it, the environment should have the right circulation space. A large tree in a cramped and small environment would be suffocating and would lose both its aesthetic function. But even if you have a large space, the circulation areas should always be considered before determining the location of the fir.

Choose traditional decors

Christmas tree

The tree is the symbol of Christmas, so the first thing you need to do is choose a real tree and buy artificial decorations. You can choose the decor for the tree according to your tastes and style, there are never any rules here. The best place for it is the salon, so that all the guests notice it as soon as the door opens. If the decorations seem insufficient, here are some ideas that can enrich the tree:

 Multi-colored lights

A glowing tree with colorful lights immediately creates another atmosphere in the house and everything around makes it more beautiful. Small white lights are popular, but you can also buy others in different colors, blue, red, blue, etc. Start decorating the tree by placing the string of lights from below, so that there is also an electrical outlet nearby. Next, place the lights in a spiral shape.

 Decor ornaments

The Christmas tree, if it has no decorations, has no value. So even when the chances are slim, there are some small things you can do yourself. Use buttons, crystals, colorful paper, cotton, etc. Remember to place the star at the top of the tree. It is a traditional symbol of the star of David, which led the three wise men to find the birthplace of Jesus. You can also put an angel, a snowflake or anything else on the tree as a festive decoration.

Decor at the bottom of the tree

Under the tree you can place a white carpet, so that it looks like a snow-covered ground surface. Arrange the gifts around the tree in an orderly fashion.

Red socks

Socks are another very important element. They can also be handmade socks. Use red and green ribbons, as they are the colors that symbolize the holiday. It is good for each family member to have their own sock. Put it together by the fireplace!

Exterior decorations

Decorate the door with a Christmas wreath

Buy a wreath made of fresh or artificial fir leaves. A wreath will make the house look more lovable for Christmas. You can also make a wreath of wire or plastic that you can use even after the festive season

Outdoor light

If you have small trees or shrubs in the yard, you can place some lights in the form of nets, throwing them over the bushes. Consider buying lights in the form of ice cubes that hang over the door as a smart idea.

Put candles in the window

If in your style is delicate and calm, placing an electric candle in every window of the house, would be a nice idea without much expense.

I make paper snowflakes

Kids love snow for the holidays. So it would be a nice idea to create these shapes, just stick them on the window.