Well-known epidemiologist Ilir Alimehmeti says that so far there is no reason for Albanian citizens to panic about the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus, Omicron, which has arrived in Italy.

According to him, so far there is no reliable data on this mutation, although it is said that its transmissibility is higher than other variants in circulation.

Omicron variants. The only reliable data so far is that there is no reliable data! So far no reason to panic! ”, Writes Alimehmeti, continuing that from the data in the foreign media, and the Medical Association of South Africa, the place where the mutation was discovered, it is said that it causes mild symptoms of the disease.

"The Medical Association of South Africa informs that so far the Omicron variant causes mild symptoms!
Too much noise for nothing?

Let's wait. We will find out very soon for sure.

"Viruses evolve, of course, towards higher transmissibility and lower risk," writes Alimehmeti.