We all know how fast house cleaning is done before guests arrive. For us Albanians it is important that guests do not find our house a mess. However, we will help you in this case by telling you the things you should not clean if you do not have much time before your friends come to your house:


If the friend who is coming to your house has been there other times and you do not need to show him the house, then leave the cleaning in your bedroom for a second moment.


When you have time for a thorough cleaning, you probably clean every corner and your house glows with cleanliness. However, you do not have time now. You can clean the windows with a cloth if they really need it, but they will be covered by curtains and it is better to spend time cleaning something else.


Your guests will not look at every drawer to inspect the clutter. Instead of spending time arranging everything, get the necessary things out of the drawers that your guests may need, so they will not be in control of your "chaotic" drawers.

Shower cabin

If guests are only coming for dinner, do not worry about cleaning the shower cabin as well. Simply close the shower curtain. If they stay for dinner, it is best to do a thorough toilet cleaning, as guests will definitely need to use the toilet.