"They are rich, they have no problem",  we can often encounter this judgment on people with high financial level. But in fact BuzzFeed, has collected some stories of different people showing us another side of the coin. Being rich does not mean that you are always happy, there can be many things that you can not have, just because you are rich! 

Below you will find some somewhat strange problems of rich people:

1. "The fact that you never know for sure if your partner tolerates that he loves you or it is the money that makes things seem simpler."

2. "Sex is one thing. Having someone you really love is another."

3. "When people know you're rich they expect you to pay more than the price. This is not normal."

4. "I used to work in a resort where the money for the service was put in the bill along with everything else, so the tip was not needed. When a very rich couple came for vacation, the staff did not stop cursing and commenting on the fact that they did not leave no tips, despite the fact that no one leaves in that resort ... "

5. "My rich friend has no children and it has long been thought about how he will spend the money before he dies as he will not leave it to some cousins ??he does not like at all."

6. "If I tell him I like something, he will buy it for me urgently. It's ridiculous."

5. "I have a big problem with people wanting to be friends with me just to take advantage of the privileges of your things."

6. "The fact that he has to think long and hard about how to give children everything they want without turning them into spoiled people who will have trouble all their lives."

7. "One of the problems I did not expect to have was the holidays with friends!"

8. "I work long hours and I get terribly tired, so I do not care if the resort costs $ 1000 a night. I am not flying to sleep 5 hours in an armchair. On the other hand, this type of vacation goes beyond the budget of my friends "That's why I find it very difficult to choose between a good vacation for myself or going out with old friends."

9. "There is a kind of isolation that comes with wealth, especially if you get richer than your peers."

10. "You say NO to your child when you find it very easy to say YES, it's hard."

11. "The more money you make, the more you spend and you never feel like you are really rich."

12. "You are not able to understand how important money and financial stability are to other people."

13. "Your private life turns into full-time work for other people."

14. "Money generally has a lot to do with your image. It's so hard to figure out who you are without money, since you've always had it."