You should know that every skin type needs hydration and the concept that only dry skin should be hydrated is wrong. Even extremely oily skin can be dehydrated, as hydration has nothing to do with fat. Regardless of your skin type, your cells may be dehydrated and this makes the skin look lifeless and not aesthetically pleasing. However it often happens that we confuse dry skin with dehydrated one thus making us use the wrong products and making the condition worse.

How to tell if you have dry or dehydrated skin?

Dry skin:

-Lack of sebum and natural oils.

-It's a kind of leather

Caused by inactive sebaceous glands

-Can be caused by thyroid gland dysfunction

-Can be adjusted using creams that are specifically for dry skin

Dehydrated skin

- There is a lack of water

-It is a skin condition

-The body loses more water than you drink

-Can be associated with water loss during urination or excessive sweating during physical activity.

-Can be adjusted by changing the lifestyle, diet, etc.