Having sex in water sounds sensual, right? When you are swimming in a pool or lake, you are practically naked, so why not take off your swimsuit and try something more sensual? But wait a minute: is it safe to have sex in the water?

Jo tamam. The water of lakes, rivers, seas or even oceans contains bacteria. Having sex in these waters can be dangerous because bacteria can get into your intimate areas, which can seriously endanger your infections. Pool water, on the other hand, contains chemicals that can irritate the vagina.

Aside from the health risks, the logistics are not with you this time either. Since lubrication is essential when it comes to sex, you probably do not want natural waters to mix with other waters.

Since water disperses your natural moisture, the pleasure will not last long. What 's worse is that if you use a condom, rubbing can cause tearing and you will not be able to protect yourself if the condom breaks.

What about sex in the shower?

A preparatory "game" in the shower seems like a great plan, but the same problem with lubrication arises here. Again, water will disperse the moisture that your bodies create and we know that sex without enough lubrication is awful. You can move to the bottom of the shower where the water is not falling, but you will just end up cold and muscle sore from trying to have sex in the shower.

Advice? Sex + water = not fun. So make love without water.