Do you think that your boyfriend is always "so busy" that it does not cost you enough time? Then confirm from some simple signals, which will make you realize that, in fact, he is not interested in you, but will have sex with you. The truth may hurt you, but it's good to know in time. If he has decided to treat you like a mistress, here are the signals:

Get on the phone in the late evening

Usually, he is so "busy" that he remembers to call you only after the sun has set and the stars have appeared on the horizon. This is the first sign that he has no interest in you. In the head, he has only sex.

It only takes days of the week

If he calls you only on weekdays, it does not mean that the weekend has been "busy" with work and appointments (except when he is a crazy doctor). This is a sign that he is booked on the weekends, because there may be other priorities in life, be they other women. This is another indicator that makes you realize that all he wants from you is just sex.

It does not talk about privacy

If he never talks to you about his personal life and the things that bother him, about the past, about the passions, about the relationship with family, he has no interest in sharing his life with yours. It's passing time. Probably the only thing you need is to know the place and time when you will meet.

Meet only when he wants

In fact, he is always the one who sets the schedules, he is the one who decides when you will meet, while when you "remember" him, he is always "busy". He does not care and does not need you when you have. It is useless to ask for the opposite.

He does not invite you to go out together

If he never invites you out, it's a sign that something is wrong. Never a romantic dinner, no walk, you have not been anywhere out of the bedroom… are visible signals to consider only as a mistress. If you are never part of his outside world, then you better withdraw.

Does not introduce you to friends

Judging friends is important to any man, and the fact that he does not know any of them or his loved ones should alert you. This means that you are not important to him and that he will only call you when he needs sex. 

He gets upset if you talk to him about your life

Kurt talks about himself, he gets bored very quickly. He also gets upset when he discusses work, desires, passions or things you want to do. Always try to change the conversation, because everything wants to focus "under the sheet". If so, this is a relationship, which will not work long.

It does not talk about a future together

He never talks about a future with you, he does not do projects that involve you together, because he only wants a sexual friendship. It is likely to leave you speechless the moment you find another.