When it comes to skin care, we know that a combination of sunscreens, anti-aging creams and regular care will help us ease the aging process. But, as noted in Reader's Digest, you can have smooth, wrinkle-free skin by controlling your diet.

While you're digesting protein-rich foods, your body processes the proteins and turns them into amino acids that help create new skin cells. Having more of these available makes it easier to repair and rebuild the skin and collagen, which gives your skin its structure," it reads.

In addition to avoiding caffeine and excess sugar, the publication recommends eating the following five foods each day to help your body fight wrinkles.

It is packed with skin-protecting antioxidants called polyphenols, which help protect the skin from free radicals and unstable molecules that destroy collagen.

They have more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable. These antioxidants are the savior of our skin, protecting it from the damage caused by wrinkles.

The omega-3 fatty acids contained in salmon are not only good for your heart, but they also keep cell membranes fluid to help keep your skin soft. You should eat at least two pieces of salmon at least 4 times a week.

Olive Oil
This healthy oil is loaded with oleic acid, a fatty acid that makes skin soft by protecting the fluid of cell membranes. It contains vitamin E and polyphenols which also make the skin look younger.

People who eat beans, fish, vegetables and olive oil have fewer wrinkles, says a recent Australian study involving citizens from Australia, Sweden and Greece.