Homemade soup, a very easy dessert, fantastically combined with cookies to satisfy the taste at any time of the day.

Accompanied by coffee, tea or enjoying it alone, this dessert is one of the most traditional, often prepared by housewives at home and one of the most popular in Albanian pastry shops.

Fantastic to serve as a treat for entertaining friends as well as to serve at the end of family lunches and dinners.

A completely different taste, creamy thanks to milk as its main ingredient and enriched with some of the tastiest ingredients in the kitchen, crumbled cookies, but also nuts as well.

This is a dessert that is easy and quick to prepare to sweeten the family and loved ones as well.

Preparing soups at home


1.5 liters of milk

2 egg yolks

9-10 spoons of sugar

7 spoons of starch

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 package of crushed plain cookies

A handful of crushed walnuts



To begin with, put a layer of crushed cookies at the bottom of the soup bowls.

Pour the milk into the pot and put it on a slow fire, add two beaten eggs, sugar and starch.

We mix the whole mass without interruption until the mass thickens and becomes creamy.

When the mixture becomes creamy, add the vanilla and continue mixing for a few seconds.

Remove the pot from the heat and start filling the cups.

Fill them all with cream up to half and then put a layer of crushed cookies.

Then pour the rest of the cream, filling half of the cups. At the end, we add another layer of crushed cookies, but also nuts if you prefer.

Once the soups have cooled, put them in the refrigerator and eat them cold./aw/