The food that we have enjoyed from childhood until now, are without a doubt warm pancakes. The little balls that drew everyone to the table to please the children with something traditional.

Accompanied with honey, jam, sugar or cheese for people who want something salty in the morning. They are truly unique, but when prepared with care they can be healthy. Today's recipe is both delicious and does not absorb oil to make the pancakes as healthy as possible for your family.

How to enjoy fantastic sourdough pancakes that are prepared with sour cream and delicious butter.


500g of flour

1 egg

100g cow butter 

80ml of lukewarm water

200g of natural yogurt 

10g of salt

7g dry yeast

1 teaspoon of baking soda

10g of sugar

Frying oil


In a bowl, dissolve the dry yeast together with the sugar in the lukewarm water. Try to mix well with a fork so the yeast grains will melt completely, speeding up the process of its activation. Cover the bowl with a kitchen bag to create a warm temperature and leave it like this for 5-7 minutes. Put the bowl in the oven heated to 50 degrees.

In the meantime, we recommend you to use natural yogurt, as it is creamy, has the right tartness and is very easy to mix with baking soda so that it dissolves as quickly as possible. This will make the dough come faster, the taste of the pancakes will be better and the natural flavor of the yogurt will be felt.

Remember that it is important to have all the ingredients out of the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before you start preparing the pancakes. If the products are too cold, the dough will not rise properly.

Melt the butter and as soon as it cools a little, beat together with the egg until you form a uniform mass. Add this mixture to the other ingredients and add the flour and salt, sifting it to create as much air as possible in the dough. Work the dough lightly with your hands so that it does not become too soft. The dough should be soft and slightly elastic, the important thing is that it does not stick to your hands. If something like this happens to you, just add some flour and work again.

Grease the bowl with a little butter and put the dough there and cover it with a napkin, so that the dough rises. You can repeat the first step and put the bowl with the dough in the preheated oven to save yourself time. To achieve the best result of the pancakes, prepare the dough at dinner, but you can leave it for 1-2 hours if you want to enjoy it quickly.

When the time is up, work the dough again to remove some air, and start to roll it out into a thick sheet. Cut small circular patties with glass and place them on the work table greased with a little butter. Heat the oil in a deep pot or pan and start frying the delicious pancakes. To remove even the oil that they keep on the surface, put them on kitchen paper to be as good as possible.

You can enjoy them warm with honey, cheese, sugar, jam or even plain. Since these pancakes swell a lot, you can also fill them with cream or chocolate cream, turning them into a unique dessert./AW/