The real key to happiness is in the way of thinking rather than in the way of living. Listed below are three things that everyone should have in their home to feel happier.

Flowers. It's no secret that something green in the house can not only calm your mind, but also give you a more positive feeling. Moreover, every happy person keeps a green plant at home, which can be a flower or even a larger plant.

Candles,  specifically, those that are burning. Why? Because they show that every happy person is satisfied by the mood always created by lit candles in the house. It seems that the house and the heart cannot get enough of such feelings. Candles are essential for treating yourself and forgiving more happiness.

The mess.  Maybe this is in the group of things you didn't think about. Mess in the house of a happy man? Yes! Since happy people enjoy everything from their lives and always live in the moment, they don't worry at all about the kitchen alarm or the unmade bed. The first thought that comes to them is to settle for something that they won't know if the house is a mess. There is time later.