Many things about the Oscars have changed over the years, but for the past six decades there has been one constant: the red carpet.

The colors have changed over the years, but it has always been a shade of red. Until this year!

The red carpet will be replaced with a champagne colored carpet, thus breaking with the iconic tradition. 

The news was confirmed by the moderator Jimmy Kimmel, who said:

"People have asked: 'Will there be trouble this year?' 'Will there be violence this year?'. Of course, we hope not," referring to Will Smith's famous slap against Chris Rock.

"The decision to lay a champagne-colored carpet instead of red shows that we are very sure that no blood will be spilled," he added jokingly.

But will the champagne carpet tradition continue? Apparently, it is not safe. Lisa Love said that people may refer to it as the 'red carpet' and that the champagne colored carpet is a convenience, which she hopes people will enjoy. "That doesn't mean it's always going to be the champagne carpet," she added.