The director of the Tirana Fire Department, Shkëlqim Goxhaj, has announced that the fire in the building in Tirana has been brought under control. He said that there are no reports of injured persons, but as can be seen in the images, the material damage is numerous. The fire started on the second floor and then the flames spread to the terrace.

"The fire is under control, we are continuing with the last hearth that is in an apartment, the fire has taken rapid proportions, the fire was on the second floor and has spread to the building. We are interested in citizens in the apartment and we have done the evacuation, from the controls it does not appear that we have injured citizens in the apartments. The fire is very big, it is going towards isolation", he said.

So far it is difficult to determine the causes of the fire.

"We cannot talk about the cause of the fire and the final results. We will be here to ensure that there will be no injured persons", he added.

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He described it as a rare case that the fire has passed from one apartment to another and this because of its facade.  

"Fires in buildings occur in one apartment and in 0.5% of cases the fire passes from one apartment to another, so it is a rare case, this has made the intervention difficult, there were police officers from Kamza, Vora and Tirana. The facade has spread the flames", concluded Goxhaj.

As a result of the large-scale fire, there were firefighters injured, but out of danger for life.