It's about the make up and the mistakes you make :)

1-Use a lot of foundation

When you put on too much foundation, you lose the glow of your skin. You should use it only where you need to even out the skin tone. When shopping for a foundation, avoid those described as 'matte'. Look for formulas that can give your face shine and clarity.

2. Applying dark lipsticks

A dark color makes any surface look smaller—a welcome illusion perhaps on your hips, but not on your lips. To make your lips appear fuller and look younger use glosses. Another trick to create the illusion of fuller lips is to apply a highlighter along the upper lip line, then blend it out with your finger.

3. Placing the black brush

We're not saying don't use the brush at all, as it makes your eye look bigger, but you can opt for brown instead of black. This way you can avoid a 'wild' look.

4. Painting the lower eyelashes

Tinting the lower lashes can make the eyes look droopier and draw attention to the under-eye circles.

5. You don't use 'blush'

A rosy 'blush' on your cheeks can bring life to your face. Smile and on the highest part of the cheeks, put a little 'blush' in light pink color with a bristle brush.

6. Use a dark eyebrow pencil

You should choose one or two shades darker than your natural color. Avoid dark colored pencils when you have pale features. Try not to apply the pencil all over your brow, but only in the empty spaces.