One in 5 girls dyed their hair red. We can say with full mouth that it is the trend of the moment.

The euphoria to follow the trend seems to have left aside the tax rates that follow. That, as you know, a redhead visits the salon once a month!

But some tips will make your job easier.

  1. Do not wash your hair often. Choose a dry shampoo.

Immediately after dyeing your hair, avoid washing for at least three days to prevent the color from fading.

Dry shampoo will help, absorbing excess oil and adding volume to the roots.

  1. Use sulfate-free shampoo

Use shampoo without parabens and sodium chloride, otherwise the shampoo will dry your hair and the color will drain you quickly. In short, the more natural the composition, the better.

Also, it is best to rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water. Hot water opens the hair cuticles, allowing the dye to drain faster.

  1. Use masks and hair oils

Red dye can dry out your hair. In addition, they can weaken over time, so it's important to use nourishing oils and masks regularly.

During the day, the sun can also contribute to premature fading. The sun's UV rays can break the chemical bonds of the paint, turning it an unwanted orange color. Before leaving the house, apply a hair protector from UV radiation.

  1. Reduce hair styling at high temperatures

Just as hot water drains color faster, using hot stylers also causes premature fading. Try styling your hair without heat.

As the saying goes: 'red is the hardest to get, the hardest to keep and the hardest to get rid of'.