The 'Mob Wife' trend, or otherwise the 'Mafioso's Wife', spread a lot in terms of fur, spiked nails, and more recently, hair.

'Mob Wife Bob' is inspired by Elvira Hancock in the film 'Scarface', played by Michelle Pfeiffer in 1983. In the film, Pfeiffer has shoulder-length blonde hair with tousled bangs.

Actress Florence Pugh referenced Tiffany's hairstyle at the opening of Tiffany's store in New York.

The bob haircut, with a little volume, is classic , - says the famous stylist and ambassador of Alfaparf Milano, Mark Townsend. – This cut gives you a look like you just came out of the hairdresser. It is voluminous and natural. In the late 80s and early 90s, we saw this cut in many films and on the catwalks. I'll never forget Naomi Campbell walking the Versace catwalk side by side with her fellow supermodel as they lip-synced to George Michael's iconic song 'Freedom', her bob moving with every step she took.

This pattern may be trendy now, but it was actually quite popular and fashionable a long time ago. It has been a favorite choice for fashionable women for many centuries.