Marriage is an important step in every couple's life. Once you have found the partner you love with your soul, the question is: Is this the person I want to spend my whole life with? Some are confident in their decisions, while others are reluctant to marry. We can not help you with heart issues, but we can give you some advice about your relationship. If you are on the brink of marriage and you have 1 million question marks in your head, you can read this article. Perhaps this writing may open up some problems with your partner, but rather prevent some things that may later hurt you more.

The bride and groom insult one another with jokes
Pseudonyms are not always a good sign of a happy marriage. Recent research has shown that insults in the form of jokes show that marriage will not last. If your partner is justified by saying "I have said it with love", these are not positive premises for your marriage.
One of the partners secretly organizes the other
When it comes to marriage, even the smallest details should be discussed. You can not organize a wedding without taking the thoughts of a partner. It is normal for you to make surprises, but not to keep secret everything that concerns the wedding.
When he does not attend the wedding organization
Men are less interested than women in wedding arrangements. They may not decide on the colors of the chairs or the cake, but the groom must speak to the bride about important ceremony decisions. According to wedding organizers, sometimes they see the bride and groom together for the first time during the wedding. These marriages do not last long.
The bride and groom are forced into debt to realize the wedding
The wedding has huge expenses and this can be a problem for the small family. You should know what you can or can not afford. Do not put in debt if you can not afford the money back to the people you have received. You are starting a new life together and if you have financial problems from the beginning, this is not something positive.