Shortly within the male psyche to find new ways, that you both have a passionate life in bed.

Be honest

Sex is something that involves both of you and keeping this twin relationship alive requires the involvement of another person and not just yourself. You can not achieve great success in the level of sexual intelligence, as long as it does not build a healthy dialogue with your partner while being honest. What you need to do is to learn to be honest with your fantasies and in any case ask for what you want.

Show different stories

Play with the imagination: work whenever you can to enjoy sexually. From the books you have read or from the stories shown, think and tell by inviting fantasy to help. If in your head there is place only for thoughts such as work, children, and everyday tasks, what you have to do is stop for a moment, take a deep breath and lock in a room with candles and quiet music , where to start thinking about situations you would like to experience in bed. So tell him stories and things different from what you've heard about sex and if you like, I also want you to practice them.

Keep the lights on

Men have never understood why women constantly try to turn off the lights. As soon as you start the first erotic games, the clothes are removed one by one and in the end, you try to turn off the lights. Keep in mind that if men want to go to bed, this is because they want to enjoy the nakedness of their partner. The fact that women seem to always want to hide something, they rock. Therefore, let yourself be free and do not break the partner's burden. Sex should not be to hide every aspect of yourself, so leave the lights on.