They can also be completely normal, but some cases need to be analyzed and not neglected! Menstruation comes approximately every 28 days and have a maximum duration of almost five days. However, the menstrual cycle varies according to the person and the different factors. There are those that in fact spend less cycles and those who suffer from pain for a few days; there are those that have little to lose and those that have to fight against abundant cycles and sometimes even coffee. The brown cycle, in fact, may be quite normal, but it can also be an alarm bell. Let's find out more details about it!

The dark brown cycle represents the last parts of the oxidized endometrium that has remained in the vagina and in the womb. From the moment they are expelled through the menstrual cycle, they appear in this dark color. Cases are to be analyzed when talking about losing or browning before your periods, so perhaps during ovulation, or outside of it, the period in which menstruation should come. One of the causes may be just starting a perimenopause or taking the pill with estrogen and progestogens.

The latter, especially in the first period, can cause permanent loss outside the regular cycle. Coffee loss, however, may be a warning sign of a certain illness: therefore, we must analyze the situation well and visit a gynecologist. Losses may be due to a fibroma, thyroid dysfunction, vaginal bacteria, uterine cysts, genital warts, pelvic inflammation or chlamydia. Any kind of pathology needs a proper therapy that only the gynecologist will be able to advise.