We all know that after childbirth, there are rare cases when you have enough time for yourself, since in the center of the newborn's attention, but also when you have time to spend with your partner, then do not leave erotic massaging hand. This way is necessary to recover the sex life, for a healthy, long and lasting relationship.

After the birth of a child, it is difficult to find oneself in sexual life - even for the spouse it may be the same thing. To discipline oneself and to do something beautiful even for a partner, erotic massage is a good start. Even with the magic of the massage, you can wake up to each other new wishes.

Naturally, women have almost the same reaction when providing a massage. Always fall in love with the masseur (at least at least). Understandably, you do not have to ask them because they always want to have a massage, but many people get rid of routines and do not have time for such games of love.

In cases when the child starts the coats and you wait until the food hour arrives, this is a very good time to relax.

1. Begin massaging as a love game.

2. Use a little essential oil to make the situation even more romantic.

3. Begin to gently massage the partner with your fingertips in different parts of the body.

4. Accept massaging even from the partner (when it is reciprocal, you will be involved too many).

5. Tell your partner where you like to make massage.

6. Begin with the neck area, the main point to provoke erotic massage.

7. Play for at least 20 minutes ... every night.