In moments of intimacy often talk to us hormones and endocrine glands, because they are the ones that get into work and make us relax. Sometimes, during the sexual act we speak without understanding, we break the confidentiality filter and often say things that would be better not to say, especially in bed. Here are 10 phrases you never have to say under the sheets ...

1. "We've just started"? We already know that masses for men have always been a cause for panic of performance, so there is no need to underline the moments of the act. So this is not something to say, never!

2. Come, hurry! By putting anxiety, counting time, watching the timepiece to try to be happy and enjoyable in record time, this only happens if you have four children running around the house, otherwise there is no reason why you should hurry.

3. Give me 5! Well, girls, although we have seen this in movies many times, we are talking about sex between adults, not between two teenagers. Do good not to act!

4. "You already did"? Even if you think you've seen Instagram videos that are much longer than what you just experienced, we assure you that saying such a thing is not a good prerequisite for the second round!

5. "Can you just pass my phone"? You realize how strong it is to depend on the phone when you think you can use it while you have sex or just finish the act. Make yourself a favor: forget the phone, maybe in another room!

6. "Okay, I Think"! We know that sometimes masturbation can be just as rewarding as sex, if not more, but all this can be resolved by communication, sincerity, or what do you both do together?

7. "Oh Ryan Gosgling, yes"! If you are not really in bed with him, avoid this saying. Know that there is nothing wrong with fantasies in your relationship with your partner, but at least try not to call the wrong name.

8. "Do not forget to buy wet papers"! On behalf of all sex trainers: Stay focused !! Keep your head in the game! You're having sex, not shopping lists, be it 5 minutes or 30 minutes, stay focused on sex!

9. "Will We Really Do It"? Surely this is the opinion when your partner suggests a particular position or game ... Accept it, it's clear you should not accept doing things you do not want to do, but calm your fantasies. And everything is fine.

10. "My ex did this ..."! Talking about the ex, especially under the sheets is the best way to spend the night in the right way. Perhaps, you can use this theme in the evening, otherwise prepare a good replacement book.