You probably don't know all the statistics, but the richest 26 billionaires in the world own wealth equal to those of the world's poorest 3.8 billion people. To some of us, this doesn't seem right, but there is still the question of how the rich have achieved this.

When you start to study this subject, you realize that rich people have some common habits that helped them become financially successful.

1. Giving and sharing with others is a sign of rich minds

First, donate! 79% of the wealthy have volunteered and donated to charity. They have made it a habit to share time and income with poor people.

Gifts, charity, and gifts to friends and relatives are not only a sign of a good heart, but also of a rich life. The rich know that money has to move and go to the people who need it.

2. Don't say NO

Try to count how many times a day you say "no" or how often you reject someone's idea. Even if you are 100% sure something will not work, just wait. Give it some time and be more open-minded. Being tolerant and patient is essential when it comes to healthy wealth.

3. Do not gossip about getting rich

Rumors hurt relationships and close the doors to success. Rich people are used to saying nothing behind their backs. If you have a problem with someone, it's best to go to that person and talk to them directly. Such an attitude will add more points to your reputation.

4. Have a purpose, not a hope

If you want to be successful, set a goal, not just hope and desire. You cannot control the outcome of a dream. By planning and knowing exactly what you want, you will take steps towards wealth.

5. Rich people do not hope to win the lottery

Thomas Corley, an author who studied "how to become a millionaire," concluded that a successful man does not expect to win the lottery. This does not mean that they do not take risks. They do, absolutely! But the point is that they calculate everything up front and rely on themselves, not on an asset that is not secure.

6. Rich people read a lot

Bill Gates says he reads 50 books a year and that gives him a huge advantage. But he is not the only rich man who is convinced that reading is "one way". However, it is not about fun books, but also about those that contain development information, those who educate you and give you new ideas. 11% of rich people and 79% of poor people read for fun.

7. It is not necessary to look

A successful plastic surgeon in Boston says that, in fact, rich people are not the ones who usually wear the most expensive clothes. They don't buy last year's cars nor super expensive bags. Your neighbor may be a billionaire, but you will never learn this.

8. The rich take care of their smile every day

62% of the rich spend a day laughing compared to only 16% of the poor. Smiling is one of the first things we notice in a person. It can ruin your entire image if you have bad breath and yellow teeth.

9. Borrowing is the vice of the poor

American businessman David Ramsey says the rich stay away from debt. If they need to buy something, they save money and pay cash.

Borrowing, debt, bank credit for a vacation or a car does not seem reasonable because you have to pay interest. "Debt is a big obstacle to whether to make a fortune," Ramsey advises. Living beyond one's means and being unable to count money can not be a success.

10. You cannot succeed alone

Rich people build teams! They cannot do everything by themselves, because they are not the smartest people in the world. If they do not know something, they give assignments to others who know more about it. It's not a shame to ask other people for help.